PopCornucopia is all about free associative pop culture tidbits as they strike my fancy, just like kernels of corn exploding into fullness at a random and unpredictable pace. And of course, the cornucopia is the horn of plenty.

Monday, April 16, 2007

PopCornucopia blossoms again via the Mother City

Dear loyal readers,

I apologize for the terribly long posting absence. This can be explained by very good reason. The lull was caused by my transit to Cape Town, South Africa where I now will be residing for the next 9 months. And, upon arrival, molasses-like internet compounded by non-ownership of a computer meant blogging was the least of my priorities with limited computer time. Now, one half of the problem remedied by a newly purchased laptop, I can at least assure you that there will be posts more often than two months in between.

Sadly there will be very few youtube links since I've not really been able to view it, but if we're down on the multimedia, hopefully I can make up for it with eloquent prose, intriguing enough to keep you coming back.

For those of you who have followed my Weller saga in the BritPopCornucopia series, I will have a post upcoming shortly on my experience of seeing the man himself performing live at NYC's Irving Plaza en route from SF to CT.

For my dazzling exploits in Cape Town, I may be putting some content in this blog, but it will primarily be found in this blog's kinder alter ego The Avera Palimpsest.