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Monday, July 23, 2007

BritPopCornucopia #7: Albarn luv 4eva

This is a great article praising my longest running rock star crush. Do you even need to to ask who it is?

Seriously, I couldn't have written a better tribute.

Not only that, he was also recently showered with Ghanaian tomatoes in the name of fair trade.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Marine animalia continues

It would seem that I too harbor an interest with the life aquatic, as the previous post was about otters and this one is about penguins.

Growing up, one of the best Sanrio characters was Tuxedo Sam. And while a trip to your local Sanrio store is most likely low on the TS merch these days, he is an old-school compatriot of the classic Hello Kitty that should not be forgotten. A million times suaver and cooler than that penguin impostor neurotic with mad scientist coiffure, one Badtz Maru, who seemed to be ubiquitous on every adolescent's stationery and purses, only Tuxedo Sam reigns supreme.

Should you need any more proof that penguins are sexy:
"I won't bite...hard"

Do penguins get hickeys too?

Penguins really rock n' roll at Boulders Beach.