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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day/Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Being good Catholics, my grandparents were well aware that sixty years ago, when my father was born, that same day was St. Patrick's day. And thus, that boy was named in honor of the saint who blessed his birth. My dad, Patrick Joseph Resurreccion Avera pictured above, along with his leprechaun friend Finn, and his mother (my Grandma Anday), want to wish you the luck of the Irish. Which certainly applies transnationally and cross-culturally, as proved by my dad's christened name, bestowed upon him as a mere babe born in the Philippines.

Not only is this an important day to wear verdant hues to avoid getting pinched, it is a day, for me and all those who love him, to celebrate a man who has taught all who know him of the importance of encyclopedic knowledge of studio musicians; a father who serenaded me at night with his guitar and a strained voice crooning oldies, telling tales of Robin Hood, and creating a family of cartoon bears for his daughter's amusement. He is a gymnast, an archer, a slightly rumpled troubadour, full of tenderness and contentment, but also a possessor of a base sense of humor. His handwriting is so neat it could be turned into a font. His shaved head has earned him a cue ball reputation. His past facial hair has earned groans. And his stealth security guard tactics have earned him high commendation and saved lives. Here's to you dad, on your special day!