PopCornucopia is all about free associative pop culture tidbits as they strike my fancy, just like kernels of corn exploding into fullness at a random and unpredictable pace. And of course, the cornucopia is the horn of plenty.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pink Popcornucopia!

Today was a great day. I walked around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park with my mom. I bought Wright's famous pink popcorn at the concession booth and we munched it as we strolled the rest of the perimeter of the lake. The winter chill was almost entirely absent, and the color of the leaves was the only dead giveaway of the season. I was wearing bright red peeptoe flats, and it must've been those shoes which prompted a little toddler walking ahead of my mom and me to turn around and exclaim loudly many times, "Hello fancy lady!" For those who didn't know, yes, I am indeed a fancy lady.

Don't get me wrong, kids can be major brats. But the youngsters who were out and about at Stow Lake this afternoon, brought their cuteness in full force. It made me think about how little people change from when they were little people. Sure we all get a bit more jaded, curse a helluva lot more, and become world-weary (and I'm only 25). But there is some essence that presented itself when we were children that remains very intact. Or what we thought we lost can return to us in an instant. With a single bite off a brick of sticky sweet popcorn, various forms of glee resurface. It conjures up happy associations with trips to the SF Zoo (pre-tiger mauling), the merry-go-round at children's playground, and of course, Stow Lake, which all included the obligatory and blissfully artificial treat of pink popcorn. It always tastes deliciously the same.

Behold, in all it's glory:I love the old school packaging. Thankfully, there is no re-branding going on here. I love the illustration too, likely, the original from its inception in the 1940's. It only makes the memories sweeter.

Apparently Wright's is a San Francisco based company. So it's no wonder that PP seemed to be available at every single fair and amusement center snack bar from my childhood. They are located in Potrero Hill, that wonderland of warehouses. Does anyone want to go on a pilgrimage there with me? I promise we can do something out there more grown-up afterwards like having coffee and reading sophisticated magazines at Farley's.