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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hotel to Motel to poppin' like a toaster

Supreme apologies for the lengthy absence from posting. Still fairly out of commission owing to computer problems and suddenly being insanely busy again, but I figured it was high time for a post.

I've just returned from a trip that started in Northern Italy, took me to Istanbul, Turkey (and I was staying in the Hilton HOTEL) and ended in an amazing weekend back in Rotterdam.

In due course I hope to make the photos from the trip available for your perusal, but right about now just had to rave about the festival weekend I had in Rotterdam. There was a great slate for Motel Mozaique.

The music lineup

Here are the artists that were definite highlights for me:

Mulatu Astake and Heliocentrics. Such a gentleman onstage. Hypnotic and groovy pentatonic goodness, my concert buddy Martijn particularly enjoyed Mulatu's "yeah I'm in the groove" facial expressions.

Kaki King (sadly she was sick, which affected her voice but it resulted in this hilarious on stage banter about sounding like present day Marianne Faithful and an old grandma, wherein she proceeded to rant like a senile elderly woman). Damn, woman's got axe skills (thanks for telling me about her Simone!). Also check her cover of LoveStoned por ejemplo.

Daedelus. I saw him in college in the basement Smith Campus Center or Walker (can't remember which) 5 or 6 years ago and it was pretty low key. Was more preoccupied chatting with a friend that night. But the particular set last weekend was frenetic, nonstop, beat-tastic, and brimming with energy. And the crowd was so into it. There wasn't a body left still. Then, the next day I saw him while I was on the walking tour(see below) stolling down the street by himself, licking on an ice cream cone ostensibly chillaxed out.

Into the wee hours there was also plenty of booty shaking and simultaneous observation of the rhythmically challenged courtesy of an impressive program of DJ's spinning.

But in addition to all this great music there was also a load of art exhibits, some people could sleep overnight in museum and gallery spaces throughout the city, and on the Sunday, bleery-eyed from all the previous night's partying, I did a blind tour of the city getting to know my temporary home of Rotterdam by other sensory means without the aid of sight, touching buildings, trees, railings, sculptures, etc. inhaling scents in the air, and becoming hyperaware of the terrain beneath my feet. Was also privy to a beautiful little hidden public garden nestled in the city center where we had homemade chocalate cake and discussed Rotterdamse gentrification in Dutch. Well, I mostly listened because I've reached the stage of language learning where you understand a lot more than you can respond to fluently.

Motel Mozaique: Def worth a repeat.

Addendum: Pop Tart

In other news, Mr. Anoop Desai dropped his first single. Much has been made about the lyrical cheese, which was largely intentional aping of the male bravado. I could expound at length as to the Bhangra influence and what that might mean in addition to other aspects of Noopy D's first official post-idol pressing, but I unfortunately havent the energy at the moment. My critical essay regarding the evolution of his career has been shoved deep on the backburner as other preoccupations must take over. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be doing my job as a fan were I not to share some of his shizz and admit that I highly enjoy what auditory gifts Anoop proffers. Loving this acoustic rendition:

The sexiest R & B geek in the game.

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