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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

NorCal to North Sea #6: Fat Bread in Amsterdam

I've made it known before, I do love me some Fettes Brot. Perhaps the only German hip hop I listen to, since linguistically crippled, I can't get the all-important lyrics without translation. But FB manages to cut through the incomprehension with their catchiness. And when I do look up translations they always manage to enhance my enjoyment.

Truly a sucker for the hip hop romantics, and Fettes Brot being a fine example, I can't believe I slept on one of their best tracks until now.

Having spent considerable time in the Netherlands, this song, Amsterdam, hits my soft spot especially. Heavy beat, the sizzle of guitar, uptempo endpiece, and that old school scratching pull it all together. Add those signature FB horn flourishes and you've got magic. Plus, the video is quite nicely done.

Lyrical translation here.

For those not Germanically inclined, Fettes Brot means fat bread, and indeed both the Netherlands and Germany have their fair share of delicious bread. Cash money meanings aside for a sec, let's just consider the fact that the most delicious bread I've ever had in my life has been enjoyed in this corner of the world.

Here's how they roll in my all-time fave Het Bammetje in Rotterdam.

This place was right outside my room in Rotterdam, where I partook of many breadly varieties on the regular. Warm, fresh, and absolute perfection every freaking time. Just click on the "impressie" tab. I dare you not to dream of how good it is after viewing it.

Vette brood, Fettes Brot, Skrilla, any way you slice it, you can't deny the dough always rises to the top.

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