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Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's the deal with discofunk divas and dancing shirtless men?

It used to be to define a diva, it was not how pipe-thin your waist was, but how your pipes could wail. These women had real bodies but UNREAL voices. That is how it should be. The real power was in their musical talent, which was, and is, out of this world. Let's face it, we should not ignore that many of these ladies are still kicking. The blush of youth can often have the taint of inexperience or entitlement. All hail the old school.

But what I did find weird is that there seems to be a trend with divas of the disco-funk era doing music videos featuring beefcakes pirouetting about, gyrating their hips, and undulating their tummies, and managing to do it all without a top on. It's an inversion in gender roles, as far objectification in music videos go. And there's a faintly comedic edge to that watching it now, either intended or not.

Here are two exhibits, one that I think was meant to be more sultry. And the other, willfully hilarious.
Kiss my ass Rihanna!

I have to say, both Chaka Kahn and Cheryl Lynn are incredible and how much more do you love them after watching these videos? Although I have to say, Lynn is terribly underrated as she has an outlandishly fabulous vocal range. She should have had way more hits than "Got to be Real." It's nice to know that at least there is someone nowadays who is up to snuff with these ladies: Mary J. Blige, who has cited Lynn as an influence. Not sure how I feel about the Will Smith up in the mix though, whose line "Ate sushi with your soul mate" makes me cringe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A 13 year old who can hold it down

I used to really love Soul for Real when I was 10. Think Heavy D proteges, a mid 90's version of Jackson 5 meets the Temptations with a little Boyz II Men thrown in. Anyway I went searching on You Tube and found this little video of them for their song, "If You Want It." This was off their album Candy Rain which was on heavy rotation in my younger years.

I just love all the people dancing really awkwardly. And the 70's recreation. Plus, the lead singer, the youngest of the Dalyrimple brothers, has got some shockingly good adolescent pipes. It always looks like his clothes don't fit though.

I guess they also just released a new album last year, with a joint featuring, of all people, Jadakiss.

Once again, I ask, Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets? (Only Mana Hayakawa will understand the hilarity of this question--perhaps I will explain later).